Fibre is the best, most reliable and fastest broadband connection you can get, making it the most popular broadband choice for Kiwis. Hyperfibre takes all that and shifts it to a whole new level.

Up to 40x faster than the average New Zealand broadband speed, Hyperfibre is the very definition of a seamless online experience.

At home, Hyperfibre’s speed and capacity ensures no matter how much ultra-high definition video, smart appliances, cloud storage, video uploads, advanced gaming, working from home and multiple connected devices you want to have in the household, your broadband connection will be rock solid.

While in business, Hyperfibre’s incredibly low-latency makes it perfect when using high performance software applications that depend on real-time communication and high-resolution images. Hyperfibre also offers the potential to enable a new era of digital creativity and innovation in business, leading to the development of new products and services and improved levels of productivity.

And the best thing about Hyperfibre? It’s available now, in all towns where the fibre network has been built as part of the first stage of the UFB project (which is over 80% of New Zealand). So regardless if you’re in Ponsonby or Timaru, you can access some of the fastest broadband speeds on the planet.

When will Hyperfibre be available in my area?

Broadband connections using Hyperfibre technology are available nationwide from October 2020 provided the region you’re in already has access to the Chorus fibre network as part of the first stage of the UFB project.

Use the Chorus broadband checker to see if it’s available in your area.

Do you need to dig up my street?

There is no build work required with a Hyperfibre connection as it still uses the Chorus fibre network which is already underground. But a technician will need to visit and change the ONT (optical network terminal) in your premises to a new one capable of handling Hyperfibre speeds. It’s easy can be done in one quick visit.

How do I order Hyperfibre?

When Hyperfibre is available in your area you’ll be able to contact your preferred broadband provider directly to place your order. They’ll send your order to us and we will schedule your upgrade.

This upgrade will take place in two parts:
1. We connect your fibre to our Hyperfibre network at the local exchange.
2. We visit your premises and replace your ONT (that’s the network terminal in your home) with a new one capable of handling Hyperfibre speeds.