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There are infinite possibilities for your future when you choose Clipboard.

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Infinite Possibilities

Redefining Support


At our core, we’re more than a team – we’re a family of diverse individuals passionate about providing unwavering support. Our approach is rooted in understanding, meeting clients where they are at, and doing life alongside them. Beyond providing a service; we’re here to build relationships, fostering trust, understanding, and empowerment.

Within our team, you’ll find a range of skills that are not just the ordinary – from the creative flare of design to HR management, facilitation, peer and business mentoring, IT expertise, and healthcare.

What makes us stand out outside of our professional expertise are the lived experiences that shape our understanding. We’re a group of individuals who have navigated diverse paths. shaping our ability to connect authentically.

Why Choose Us

We won’t pass up an opportunity to find fun, laughter and joy in our days.

We are following our dream and passion to see our disability community supported and given the ability to create the life they want to live.

Personalised Support Plans

Our support packages are flexible, these can be designed, adapted and are developed alongside you, with the sole intention of giving you the power to choose what works best for you.

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